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Forum Submitter 


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and 40+ Forum Sites

Forum Submitter Download and 40+ Forum Sites



Forum Submitter Pro Will Cut The Time It Takes To Post To Your Favorite Forums.

All you need to do is decide on your message, choose which forums and sections you wish to post it to and whether you want an instant notification of any replies by e-mail and then pushed the button. Forum Submitter Pro will take it from there.

Adding a new forum is simple, just give it a name enter the web address and Forum Submitter Pro will let you know if the forum at the target address is compatible, you can then save it for future use or include it in a current campaign.


The keys to success with forum marketing is to complete your profile with your contact info and to provide a short description and link to your MONEY-ON-AUTO-PILOT website and to not just spam every forum with ads, but to actually become part of each forum community and participate and answer questions or ask questions and by doing this you will get other members to view your profile, which will generate traffic to your MONEY-ON-AUTO-PILOT website and help you to make sales.

Now, the number one way you will generate traffic and sales from forums is by implementing and using your signature on every forum, where you will be able to have an ad posted at the bottom of every post you make with a clickable link to your MONEY-ON-AUTO-PILOT website, but most forums require you to make 5-10 posts before they will allow your signature to be seen, but trust me the time it takes to set-up your profile and signature on every forum you can if well worth it and will help you make alot more sales, so below you will find 40 forums to get started with today!

1. Free Ad Planet  –

2. IM 4 Newbies  –

3. Free Ad Forum  –

4. CB Success  –

5. 5 Start Affiliate  –

6. Geek Village  –

7. Affiliates4u  –

8. Fresh Marketing  –

9. Forum Wise  –

10. Free Advertising  –

11. Dream Team  –

12. Money Fan Club  –

13. Ads Free  –

14. Home Business –

15. Unrestricted Ads –

16. Our Community  –

17. Free Ads Forum  –

18. Talk Gold  –

19. IMM Forums  –

20. Biz Hat  –

21. Free Adz  –

22. Marketing Scoop  –

23. ABlake Forum  –

24. Digital Point  –

25. NetBuilders  –

26. V7 Network  –

27. Webcosmo  –

28. Affiliate Seeking  –

29. WebMasterBB  –

30. Off Walk  –

31. Warrior Forum  –

32. Payment Processing  –

33. Talk Freelance  –

34. Free Host  –

35. Small Business  –

36. Website Babble  –

37. Affiliate Bot  –

38. IM Business  –

39. Aardvark Business  –

40. WebMaster World  –




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