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I Will Add Your Facebook Account to Over 2000 English Speaking Marketing Groups.

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I Do NOT Need Any Log on Details.

My Service is Facebook Friendly.

Your Facebook Marketing is my Highest Focus.

Prince Social Media Services provides the latest and Best Facebook Group adding Service in Existence. We put an end to all PAID Facebook Advertising by providing Unlimited Facebook Leads, Facebook Traffic, and Facebook presence,through my group adding Service.


You see its always been easy to post in marketing groups on Facebook, but until we launched our Group Adding Services last September 2014, there wasn’t a easy, simple, fast way for Facebook users to join 1000’s of Marketing Groups.


Much of what we share in marketing groups is our daily lives, adds or the business we have started or promoting. It has long since been known that with several 1000 Marketing Groups, you can obtain tremendous amount of LEADS and SALES for your business..


Since our Group Adding Services launched, people have created millions of Groups on Facebook. It’s grown quickly because of its social design. Instead, of making everyone build and manage individual business lists, one person can create a group for their targeted market and members and admins can add and connect with likeminded Entrepreneurs, in that group. I have many such groups. The more members the higher the chances of getting eye balls on your add.  


We have received some great feedback about how Facebook users really appreciate our Group Adding Service. They are extremely pleased with the customer service and the speed with which each job is carried out. Group Adding Service will add 1000 groups to over 5000 world wide marketing groups to YOUR single  profile. Please see packages below to take FULL advantage of this unique offer and to truly put your business on auto-pilot.

  •  I am MAUALLY adding you to over 2000 groups, this is NOT a bot or app driven service.

  • Your account will NEVER be banned using my services and is Guaranteed to be the fastest way

    to reach potentially reach millions of people on Facebook in the shortest time possible.

  • 3. Message me that you have Completed the transaction.

  • 4. Next, include in the message your FULL ACCOUNT NAME, plus URL, and I will get right to work adding you to over 2000 fb groups. Please allow a week for your account to be added to these highly targeted marketing groups..
  • 5. Sit back and watch your account groups grow exponentially.
  • Note: I will add you to 2000 fb accounts; some groups will require their admin approval over the coming days or weeks.
  • Note: Please Select Your Package Below.
  • Note: No Refunds Allowed.

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